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These tips will help you take the right steps when garage door issues start bothering you

  • Maximize the life cycle of garage door springs

    In general, the different springs from the extension door springs to the torsion coil trampoline springs, are expected to last for 10,000 cycles. To make sure that your springs last the maximum expected number of cycles, lubrication, cleaning, and occasional garage door adjustment will be needed to keep the springs at their optimum condition.

  • Clean the sensor lenses often

    The sensors are installed at the bottom part of the door and they get dusty easily. If their lenses are dirty, they might not work. The beams might not see each other due to the over-accumulated dirt. So, it's wise to keep them clean at all times.

  • Tighten the fasteners often

    There are lots fasteners in every overhead garage door. Small and bigger screws, bolts and nuts are the ones keeping garage door parts fastened and in their right position. Our professionals say that fasteners must be tightened often so that components won't be loose.

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